“Your IN TOWN Garden Center”

Our Garden Center of over 5,000 Sq Ft is full of antiques and ornaments so you can find the perfect item for you.

1/2 Acre of Plants

Our interests are wide and varied

At Southern Vistas, we know you want only the best supplies, including healthy, robust plants and the highest quality landscaping materials. That's why we deal with the most trusted suppliers, assuring you landscape quality plants and unique perennials, as well as products from nationally known companies.

Whether you have a do-it-yourself personality or demand garden center perfection for your next landscape design, Southern Vistas has the answer for you. Choose from our full range of flourishing trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers, or bring distinction to your home with a waterfall, garden pond, statuary, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, fire pits or a retaining wall. We have fire cast stone, terra cotta, fountains, and stone veneers all available at Southern Vistas.